Katrina Federalism Essay

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I believe the principle of federalism did work in the case of Hurricane Katrina because federalism is the subject to the powers of several government units by the citizens. In the time of Katrina before the storm the locals such as mayor, policemen and working men would gather all resources for the citizens to prepare for the storm. Building the shelters and contacting the State, which made evacuations declare and curfews made. Once the State got involved they started to prepare development officials and stand by. State of emergency was declared by this time and soon they asked for help from the federal, also known to be the president of FEMA or Military.
The federal took matters into their own hands by recording calls of what to when katrina strikes and who to put in the front line during the storm. The federal at this point were pulling commodities and organized search & rescue teams for before and after Katrina. During the storm Local citizens, 10,000 to be exact had to shelter in the Superdome while Katrina hit, other civilians decided to stay at their homes and just move to higher ground, the rescuers/police start to search for survivors of the city.
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As the rescue team headed out, the citizens of the city started to steal out of all the stores for their survival. More crimes broke out after katrina than when katrina never hit. Stealing, rapes and all other crimes were being committed and the police couldn’t do anything about it because the mayor and government made their first priority to rescue the survivors or the city, the people who decided to stay in the city. The delay of federal response to Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast and has been led to many officials, also with President Bush. President Bush called the initial response “not acceptable” to question FEMA’s preparedness for a natural

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