Free Narrative Essays: The Positive Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

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The Positive Effects of Hurricane Katrina
Marquavious A. Sims
University of Maryland University College

The Positive Effects of Hurricane Katrina
Everybody 's talking about that bad weather we 're supposed to have, and it 's going to only be two drops of rain,” my grandma said. “Yeah, you 're right, we hardly get bad weather down this way” my Grandpa added. As young as I was, I had no clue what was supposed to happen, the only thing I was focused on was beating my friends in the game on my X box. Later that night, just as I laid down to have a great sleep, I was awakened by frightening voices, “Wake up, we have to go!” I quickly put on some pants that was hanging over my bed I had just worn from the previous day, a shirt
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We had no resources, no way to find out what was happening, or how long it was going to last. Looking back reflecting the other situations we faced such as pieces of other people 's house flying everywhere, the scarce amount of money, and food. Because the hurricane destroyed so much, we had to move pieces from the road and in front of our house so we could get to be out. Also, due to us having a hard time getting to an ATM, or them being down, money was very tight. Just about all the stores that were open only accepted cash. So everybody in the family had to put their cash together to buy resources. Even though we had food, because the fact it needed to be kept frozen we lost a lot of food, before we got a generator. In my conclusion, there may have been many other things that changed my life, but these were the main things that actually changed the perspective of my life. Then, being unprepared, ungrateful, and not knowing that I can overcome any obstacle that I face has taught me a lot. My mom always said “You will never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you got,” and I must say during that catastrophic hurricane, being strong was the only choice my family

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