Katy Perry Firework Essay

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A song that includes various examples of literary devices is “Firework” composed by Katy Perry. The most important literary devices used in the song “Firework” are metaphor, hyperbole, and simile. One of the literary devices found in the song “Firework” is a metaphor. A metaphor helps tell a phrase or sentence in a more figurative way. Artists will use metaphors to make a sentence or phrase more interesting for the listener to stay interested in the song. An example of a metaphor in the song “Firework” is “Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road.” This metaphor can be found in lines 28, and 29. When Katy Perry says this metaphor, she is trying to say that what you want to do in your…show more content…
This shows hyperbole because it is not possible to be one blow from caving in, but the line is exaggerated to represent that you are very close to your breaking point Another literary device found in this song is a simile. Similes are two phrases of a different kind put together to make a thought more descriptive. Artists use similes in their music to make listeners think about what the simile is interpreting. One example of a simile in the song “Firework” is “Just own the night, like the fourth of July.” This simile can be found in lines 14, and 15 of the song. This simile really means to take a lead and stand up for yourself. This simile also means that you should never give up on what you are aiming for and keep a growth mindset all the time. This is a simile because the first part of the simile “Just own the night” and the second part of the simile “Like the fourth of July” are two of different kinds, but mean the same thing, which is leadership and standing up for a topic. Therefore, Katy Perry used many literary devices, specifically metaphor, simile, and hyperbole, to improve the song and to help represent the message of the
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