Katya's Revenge In The Truth About Dino Girl

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In the short story “The Truth About Dino Girl” one of the main topics explored was revenge. In the story Katya says “If I couldn 't have him, well, at least I could make sure that she couldn 't either.” (Lyba 312). This proves she wants revenge because she is saying that she will make sure that Andi couldn 't have Jamie, meaning she was going to try to get them to break up. In the story katya had bumped into Andi and she found out that Katya had a crush on jamie and made fun of her, which drove her anger towards attempting to get them to break up. Another example of how she wants to get her revenge on Andi is when she is talking about how dinosaurs were more powerful but the lizards survived. In the story Katya says “they used to be prey
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