Katyn Forest Massacre Essay

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The Katyn Forest is a forest with a dark history of the Katyn Massacre.
The Katyn Massacre was a mass murder of 5,000 Polish soldiers. This tragic event occurred on April 13, 1940. The Katyn Forest is located in west Poland near Smolensk. The massacre happened a year after both Germany and the Soviets took over and invaded Poland. Many events happened before this massacre, such as when the country was invaded and many people were captured. In the year 1939, both Germany and the USSR invaded Poland and split the country. Many Polish people feared the Nazis more than the Soviet because all the Polish people thought the Nazis would just kill them. There were 2 suspects for this crime, the Nazis and the Soviet Union.
Nazis are a group of people
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The killings were done to prevent any riots. When a Polish general asked for his soldiers back. But the USSR said on December 1941 that the officer had escaped. When the Nazis got this forest in 1943, and found the massive graves they immediately blamed the USSR. The next year, the Soviets took this forest back and said that the invading Nazi’s killed the officers. But this could not be true because when the Nazis found these bodies they were already decayed The officers were all abused by the USSR, they may have been killed 2 different ways. They were either killed by a gun are stabbed, but it is more likely that they were shot behind the neck. There are two different guns that could have been used, which were the Tokarev SVT-40 or the M1940 50mm (50-RM 40). There are only 2 options because these were the guns the Soviets used in 1940. The Tokarev SVT-40 is a light rifle that a bayonet was attached to. The M1940 50mm (50-RM 40) was a hand pistol used during World War II. The Katyn Massacre was a murder of 5,000 Polish soldiers. The USSR are the ones responsible for this massacre. But the Soviets blamed the Nazis for this event. The Soviets also said that the officers had all escaped. In conclusion the past of Katyn Forest was dark but is now a memorial of all those who died in this dark
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