Kaushik Saving The Homeless

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Saving The Homeless By: Kaushik

There are many homeless people out in the world and if we don’t provide shelters with food water and all essential survival needs the human population will go down. Currently there are 250 million homeless people in the world and they all need food shelter water and many other things. If we provide homeless shelters every 50 miles in the world, each and every single homeless person will be in a shelter and have something to do. With all the homeless people in shelters this problem will be solved and soon all the adults will find a job and live for themselves Many people have no life they are stuck on the road with no home and most of them have mental disabilities that they can’t pay for. Most people
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One time I saw a homeless family on the floor the parents were sleeping on the ground and the kids were begging for money they had nothing to do. It is absolutely shameless that a country as wealthy as ours are having citizens on the streets. When the government gets its taxes they should use at least some of the money to build some homeless shelters. You also might think that homeless people are just homeless because they don’t have jobs and they don’t work hard, but that is absolutely not true. These people have to work very hard but they still can’t afford living in an apartment. More than half the people that are homeless are like this because they lost their jobs and they couldn’t ever find another one. Homeless shelters need to come for three main reasons one is that they could save tons of lives. Second, is that they will make not only homeless people but everyone happy. Last is that it will make the world a better and more joyful place to live especially in a home.

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