Kay Scarpetta Character Analysis

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The series is about lead character Kay Scarpetta, who at the start of the series is Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Virginia, who gets called in to help investigate murders. In the later books, she becomes a private forensic consultant in Florida, as well as other places. She is a perfectionist and a sharp (yet always professional) dresser and is blonde haired. Her father dying of leukemia effected her all of her life, and has caused her to surround herself with death everyday of her life. She loves to cook from scratch (especially Italian food), is dedicated to her work, and upgrades her Mercedes annually. She was divorced at the start of the series to a man named Tony Benedetti, and has serious relationships with different men throughout the series. Her name means "Little Shoe" in Italian. The Kay Scarpetta character was not as big in…show more content…
Young couples are disappearing, only to turn up months later, mutilated. The daughter of a big drug guy goes missing, Kay knows that it is time to get the killer. Through the course of investigating things, she finds that these killings are tied to past brutal killings. Kay must track down a killer who knows how to eliminate clues just as well as Scarpetta can find them. "Cruel & Unusual" The fourth book in the series, Scarpetta is to autopsy Ronnie Waddell, a convicted killer after his execution. The police are baffled, when another the killing of a little boy happens similar to Ronnie Waddell's early modus operandi with his prints found at the scene. Kay Scarpetta, Pete Marino (a detective), and Benton Wesley (a special agent with the FBI) try to figure out what is going on. Additionally, the police try to figure out how the death of the young child could be possible if Waddell was the killer. OTHER BOOK SERIES YOU MAY LIKE: "Eve Dallas" series by J.D.
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