Kayla's Persuasive Speech

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Do you ever wonder what a world made out of yourself would feel like? Now I’m not saying the physical earth would be made from your body parts, a really mortifying thought, but the world inhabited by you. Well, you and about seven billion duplicates of you. The world full of you, all in agreement… or not. Your world would be a chaotic mess. Let me explain using myself. A world full of Kayla’s would be a very fun place to be in my viewpoint. Everyone would be constantly throwing themselves into their own endeavors and working together. Except the working together part would not become easy. While the Kayla’s may all think the same way, that doesn’t mean that couldn’t form different opinions. Opinions could be altered by various things including the environment that a “Kayla” lives in. While the Kayla’s would probably all be working together to efficiently create the best world possible, trouble would ensue when a Kayla would become envious of another Kayla’s rank. See a Kayla always wants to achieve the best possible result, especially in the workplace. This controversy would cause an uprising between the Kayla’s, most likely splitting them down the middle. While a Kayla can be a very rational thinker, like most people, can also think irrationally when angry. This anger would probably start World War III, if a World War I and II had…show more content…
While we have internal struggles, like the old Indian tale of the good and bad dogs fighting inside of us, this struggle would be external. War is gruesome. Point blank, war is gruesome. The war between the Kayla’s, despite having similar strategies in the war due to mental processes, a Kayla would also essentially be killing herself. The battlefield would be littered with Kayla’s from all walks of life. Imagine yourself, walking through a battlefield and every body was identical to yours. Now I would definitely be siked out, but also confused as to who was the enemy and who

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