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National identity is an awareness of belonging to a particular nation, the culture in a certain area. The formation of the Kazakh Khanate can be associated with the beginning of the formation of the Kazakh nationhood, culture, and language. After several centuries the Kazakh Khanate has weakened, and territory of Kazakh Khanate was incorporated into the Russian Empire. The entry of the Kazakh khanate in the Russian Empire was accompanied by difficulties, due to differences of traditions and mentality of the Russian and Kazakh population. Different policy of the tsarist government has not only deprived Kazakhs of lands and the natural resources; it also encroached on the culture. It has a range of activities: the forced settlement of the nomadic…show more content…
At some moment of soviet regime, when people were deported or resseteled, percentage of Kazakh nation was low. Russian was major population in this area; therefore Russian language was penetrated into the lives of Kazakhs. Also there were established Russian schools along with Kazakh schools. However these actions did not fully eliminate Kazakh language and kazakh culture, there were people in the region with relatively small percentage of russians, where kazakh people spoke in kazakh. Still people speak in Kazakh, preserving own culture. As it known in Kazakh society has historically existed tribalism. There were zhuzes division by tribe and clan. In the era of colonialism in spite of the numerous rebellions, attempts of the Russian authorities to eliminate Khan's power and tribalism, kazakhs still remember however do not strcitly devide themselves into three different zhuz. Today Kazakhstan gives attention to the development of Kazakh language. According to the article 7 of the Constitution of the Kazakhstan Republic, the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the Kazak language, however, Russian language can be officially used on equal grounds along with the Kazak language. Thus, Kazakh language widely used however did not fully replace

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