Kazakhstan Culture: Culture And Culture Of Kazakhstan Culture

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Culture of Kazakhstan Kazakhstani culture is unique, ethnic and religious can be found in most of the festivals. Customs of the nomadic people can be easily recognized in their traditions. National Holidays: http://www.eccireland.ie/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/HOlidays.jpg 1. New Year - 1st January: The Christmas and New Year are celebrated with gifts and fireworks. 2. Constitution Day - 28 Jan: It shows respect for the foundation of the Constitution of the Kazakhstan Republic. Street festivals, parades and the fireworks are enjoyed on this day. 3. St. Valentine 's Day - 14th February: Gifts and cards are exchanged to express love and care for each other. 4. Men 's Day - Feb 23: It was the official Soviet Army Day in the Soviet Union. Now it is called Men’s day and they usually receive the gifts from women. 5. International Women 's day - 8 March: Like the rest of the world, Kazakh women get flowers and gifts on this day. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YOotw1jlnfU/TXZ3aWC4gFI/AAAAAAAAA3U/VUL19Qcp-_M/s1600/6a00d8345357ef69e20147e2e785a1970b-400wi.jpg 6. Nauryz –(varies for 21 to 25 March): It is the Asian "New Year" day. On this day, street festivals and the family celebrations are organized in big cities. http://hotelmagazine.ir/news_clipping_1934_3892.jpg 7. Kazakhstan Nations Unity Holiday / Labor day - 1 May: Also known as the Kazakhstan Nations Unity Holiday. 1st may – Labor day shows respect for the Kazakh workers through street festivals and parades. 8. Victory day

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