Kaze Girl Monologue

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Kaze... baby... :( I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry... For leaving you without saying any words, for worrying you... for... for everything. It's just that a lot happened to me. I will explain everything to you when I truly came back. For now I'm just freaking dying to tell you how much I missed you and how much worried I am back on those horrible days. Also, i want to clarify things. I'm not quitting AA without telling you and my friends. Let's just say that I'm having a "sleeping beauty" moment rn. (Know what I mean?) :) I borrowed my nurse's phone to tell you this. Cause I can't freaking take this anymore. >o< I'm going insane! Haha (It's a loooooong convincing and pleading just to borrow this for a sec. And I'm just using an ordinary

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