Kazuma Informative Speech

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Kazuma Argento was in school in the back left corner window seat. He has black spikey hair and black piercing eyes that make most people cower. He had his bangs over his eyes on his first day of school hoping people didn't notice his eyes and hoping to make some friends. Unfortuantly some person from 8th grade that he beat up hired some deliquents to beat him up in school.

He was sitting at his desk during lunch break when three 10th grades barged into the classroom when the teacher was gone and went up to him smacked his lunch away and picked him up by his colllar and punched him. His bangs flew away from his and they seen the two in the back froze and backed up a little. The one holding him starting yelling "YOU THINK YOU CAN SCARE ME YOU FUCK". So Kazuma then punched him right in the side of the head as hard as he could and the guy went over a desked and knocked unconsious. Thats when he got the name Demon King from the people in class and it spread throughout the school.

In the middle of the school year Kazuma was heading out his house sprinting full speed to school. In his household both of his parents died from tragic accidents. (You can think of how they died) He was lucky he arrived to school on time. At lunch time you can see a mysterious black van pull up infront of the school from
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The kicked the third guy in the stomache making him bend down a bit the lifted his leg up and brought straight down on the back of his head knocking him out by sheer force. Then the fourth and final guy shot him four time in the back so Kazuma picked him up and slammed him against the desk the lifted his leg up in the air and slamming it on the man's head and you could hear his neck crack. He got all this power from anger. When he felt his anger go away he collapsed on the ground and his concious fade away from
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