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The problem How do we keep children interested? To keep children interested you just have to do something that interest them for example if they prefer visuals then they enjoy videos, movies, charts, demonstrations and any thing else that they can visually see. Then some people prefer it if they have its said to them for example they would rather someone else read a book to them than them read a book to themselves. Another way to keep children interested is for them to read and wright, they prefer for information to be written and then enjoy reading the news, books, magazines, etc. They also will enjoy writing a short story about something they are really into. Lastly theres people who prefer doing and always having a hands on approach. depending…show more content…
Ive also learnt that it should last around 3-5 minutes because if its to long you start to lose interest and if its lo short you will not find it as fun or there wont be enough information. I can also always have a visual because it may help them understand whats going on if they have trouble reading. Positives there are a few positives in this for example it teaches you how to count because on each page it adds something for example on the first page theres 1 umbrella and on the second page theres 2 goggles then 3 bottles of sun screen and so on. This could be a fun way of learning how to count from 1 to 10 and also improving reading skills at the same time. it was done smartly because he makes the number out of the things he finds as shown in this picture. He finds 4 towels and places them in the shape of the number 4 It also has a small moral about never giving up and always trying our best. Negatives There are a few big words that could be tricky for younger kids to read. However they do have a button you can press and it reads it to you want is good for learning new words. The book is a little to long however its still abel to keep the reader interested even towards the

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