Keep Summer Vacation Essay

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Lucas V. Walls
Mrs. Misselhorn
6th Hour Language Arts
29th of March, 2017
Why we should be able to preserve Summer Vacation.
Should we give up summer vacation? Certainly not! We shouldn’t. Summer vacation is used by kids, parents, and teachers for many different things and we shouldn’t give It up for summer school. Ordinarily summer is used for planning trips but, summer is also a much desired break for kids from school, it’s not fair that kids have to go to summer school which is perplexing to plan and pay for. Sending kids that don’t need the help of year-round school would only bore them and not support them at all. So, the reasons why we should keep summer vacation are: It’s used to plan trips, It’s a much required pause from school, and It costs not as much as a usual, not year-round, school. The first reason kids should have a summer break is because it can be used to plan trips. According to Tareer Naseer, if someone takes a break from work or school, it can help refresh their perception. It can also help someone become more productive because they’ve had a
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According to Boyd Jensen: going to a year-round school can cost a lot of money. it costs, in busing expenses, more than $128, 000 to pay for year-round schools. If instead they used that money on tutoring it could tutor more than 20,000 hours’ worth of learning to students (Jensen). Another article by Luciano D’Orazio: American education adds the fundamental element of teaching how to think, no addition of time can recreate that. With longer year comes higher bills for facilities, classroom materials, breakfast/lunch programs, aides, secretarial staff, and more. Try raising money for a shortfall, it’ll only be so long before the bake sale will close for lack of interest (Orazio). Wouldn’t it be better if we just kept school the way it is now? It would for sure cost

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