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Captivity; Isn’t It About Time We Use a Different Approach? Are zoos a good way to protect endangered species? Do zoos do something that affects the animal’s in a positive outlook? Do zoos that keep animals for long periods of time, actually help animals? Zoos have been around for a very long time. One of the reasons zoos started was because people were destroying the habitats of these animals. Hunters, poachers, people who are building things like houses, hotels, etc., are all examples. Although many zoo’s pride themselves in take care of and protect sick, endangered, or injured animals, then rehabilitating them back to their home, zoos need to stop taking animals and keeping them away from their habitat for long periods of time just so they…show more content…
An animal in captivity is fed on a regular daily schedule, causing them to lose their ability to hunt for prey, because that is not a valid option for them. Many zoos and nature programs have supervised breeding programs, as referenced in the text of “The Impact of Animal Protection”. Unlike the wild where the animals have the ability to choose their own mates, the animals in captivity have forced breeding like some people in different countries have arranged marriages. Meanwhile, the animals do live safely and are protected from hunters and poachers, but despite this, animal species would probably be better off if people “protect them in zoos for a short period of time and release them back into their natural habitat while they still are wild animals”, as referenced in the text of “Do Animals Lose in Zoos?”. Zoos in many ways are much like a prison. All animals need a wide, open space to be animals. “Animals need room to climb, fly, swim, roam, and run”, as stated in the text from “Do Animals Lose in Zoos?”. When these animals that are used to wide ,open spaces get confined in a small space, is gives a negative impact on their behavior. Conversely, most zoos now are building bigger, and better habitats for their animals, nevertheless people are still not letting these animals have the freedom that they were supposed to have when they were in the…show more content…
“Most zoos cater to what people want to see,” as referenced in the text of “Do Animals Lose in Zoos?”. People want to see something cute and charismatic, large and strong, big and bold, to be on display in zoos. Baby animals are another attraction. Sometimes in order to get more business, zoos will set up innate breeding programs. Consequently, these programs lead to a surplus of animals. Zoo enclosures can only hold so many animals so this surplus of them makes the living conditions even worse. On the contrary, it is cool to see animals that you would not normally get the chance to see, but despite this, animals need to be well taken care of in a good environment. Animals should not be taken out of their home to become an attraction for people. They should be taken out of their home only to be helped and then

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