Keeping Juveniles In Adult Prisons

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Juvenile Justice Essay In the United States, there have been many cases where a juvenile would be found guilty and be tried as an adult. There are other cases where those juveniles are tried as adult forever. I am against charging juveniles as adults when they commit violent crimes, the juveniles lose many educational opportunities and the adult system is far too dangerous for the young juveniles. Juveniles are also young kids but only the fact that they do not get the same amount of education or experience that other teens gain. According to the article The Steep Costs of Keeping Juveniles in Adult Prisons by Jessica Lahey, the author states that the juveniles “lose more than their freedom when they enter adult prisons; they lose out on the educational and…show more content…
The article, The Steep Costs of Keeping Juveniles in Adult Prisons by Jessica Lahey states that “due to the imbalance of power between children and adults, not to mention between children and prison staff, sexual abuse of juveniles in adult prison is underreported; fewer than one in 10 of the juveniles surveyed reported their abuse.” ( ). The adult prison is not safe because of the abuses between the staff and juvenile, they need to be aware of what happens in the adult system. Lahey wants to show how dangerous the adult system is by stating what actually happens in prison to the juveniles because of the adult prisoners and the staff. Lahey also explains about how the lack of services and safety, “juveniles housed in adult prisons are 36 times more likely to commit suicide than juveniles housed apart from adult offenders.” (The Steep Costs of Keeping Juveniles in Adult Prisons). The adult system is not safe, it doesn 't help the juveniles get better. In fact, it only makes the juveniles become afraid and will have difficulty trusting the
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