Keeping Secrets In Melinda Sordino's Speak

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How bad can keeping a secret impact your life? What kind of scenarios and possibilities could come of keeping one little dark secret? In the novel Speak, Melinda Sordino, a young high schooler, has to deal with her decision to keep quiet about being sexually assaulted. Her life spirals out of control as her friends and parents grow ever more distant. She views her teachers with negative outlooks, authority as a priority fear. Even new friends she makes throughout the story abandon her because of the depression given to her by the incident that she is keeping secret. Secrets, no matter how trivial or serious, can impact your life and your relationships in troubling ways when silenced. Melinda’s life has done a one hundred and eighty degree turn because of her silence. Before the incident of sexual assault, she had a decent life with her old friends. Everyone turned on her …show more content…

Unfortunately, her parents are unfamiliar to her, and she does not tell or show pain except through physical actions. Her parents become oblivious to her plight, for she will not tell them what happened to her. Melinda’s mouth also closes a surprising amount of times when confronted by just about anything. For example, she is completely silent when faced down by her guidance counselor and parents. Her parents go as far to ask her why she is silent. She kept her secret so long that she now views it as a second nature to be quiet. Resentment and hate are two very strong words usually not used to describe friends. Her relationship with Heather turns sour when Heather decides that the depressed girl with a bad reputation cannot be her friend. Melinda cannot even start over with new friends. Without coming clean and freeing her “reputation” she is unable to change. When she finally lets go of the secret, it relieves her, for her friends actually feel sorry for her. Her relationships improve and she can finally feel somewhat

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