Keeping The Dream Alive Analysis

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Are you doing your part to keep the american dream alive?. In the article Keeping The Dream Alive author Jon meacham has a very clear thought on what's going on in America which in his ideas are that the upper class wealthy have more control and certain breaks. Meacham does a great job of conveying the dream throughout the history of america going in chronological order. Many great Americans believed that we have the power to make the world or at least America a better place not perfect but better.”Roosevelt quoted that observation in his final Inaugural Address in the winter of 1945, and in the ensuing decades, American power and prosperity reached epic heights. The Peabody-Roosevelt gospel seemed to get it right: the world was not perfect, nor was it perfectible,”(Meacham 1).This does not define the individual American dream but how the government thinks we should be as a nation we can not prosper until we fail. Meacham does a good job on supporting the idea on how America has been built on learning from mistakes and improving the government to better lead the country, although we are constantly looking foward to improve we can not…show more content…
In 1630 layman John Winthrop wrote a sermon alluding to America as "a city upon a hill," explicitly linking the New World to the Sermon on the Mount”(meacham 2) He speaks about how the american dream is a complete desire on how the world should be shaped. He conveys his information very well with a strong lead in sentence and backs it up with even more proof. As meacham goes in his chronological order his information improved and has stronger lead in sentences and is more convincing. One could believe this could happen due to the fact of as we go through time we take better records and have better national
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