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Throughout the last couple of weeks, I finished Sarah Dessen’s Keeping the Moon. I read from page 211 until 228, which is the end of the book. I also began the Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen and I am currently on 313. The novel Keeping the Moon concluded with Colie finally getting to see the picture that Norman painted of her for his series. Norman said that it was necessary to have an unveiling party for just the two of them, so they had dinner together one night and revealed the beauty of the painting. In Sarah Dessen’s Just Listen, high-schooler Annabel spends her free time modeling. Both of her sisters were models, but the outcome for her sister Whitney was that she developed an eating disorder. It has been hard for the Greene family to get…show more content…
My main prediction is that Colie and Norman will end up dating. Both Morgan and Isabel tell them that they would make a great couple if they just tried to get to know each other. In fact, Norman ends up painting a picture of her and they have dinner together the night that they unveil the artwork. Norman is the perfect guy for Colie in my opinion and he is truly a benefactor. Without noticing what they are doing the night of the unveiling, Norman leans in to kiss Colie. “And then he reached forward, as he had in my mind so many times, brushing my cheek as he tucked that one piece of hair behind my ear. This time, he left his hand there” (Dessen 221). The time that they spent together while Norman worked on the painting really brought them closer together. They had endless hours to talk about their pasts, and open up to one another. This is the main affair that I predicted while reading Dessen’s Keeping the…show more content…
My main question about this novel is what the true reason is that Sophie is no longer friends with Annabel. The book never clarifies, it just states that they no longer get along and it results in Sophie calling her names in front of the school. “She shook her head, then stepped forward, brushing past me. Her shoulder hit mine, hard, and I stumbled, bumping someone behind me before righting myself. Everyone was staring, a blur of faces fluctuating, shifting, as she moved through them, and then their eyes all turned to me” (Dessen 87). If I had to guess, I think that something happened at the party that caused Sophie to befriend her. It was right after the party that they no longer talked, so it had to be that Annabel did something with Sophie’s boyfriend that made her extremely mad. It seemed uncanny to me that the author would leave out such an important part of the plot line. This is one of the questions that I had while reading Dessen’s Just Listen. Throughout the past couple weeks, I have been predicting, connecting, and clarifying to Sarah Dessen’s Keeping the Moon and Just Listen. I adored the ending of Keeping the Moon. I also enjoyed the beginning of Dessen’s Just Listen, but as the book has gone on, I have gotten kind of bored with the plot line. I do not plan to finish this book, as I would enjoy spend my reading time reading a book that I’m interested in. I think that I deserve a 9.5/10 on this journal

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