Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Pop Culture

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The Kardashians. The name is a brand in itself. With the app’s, the reality show, the clothing line, and their endless amounts of social media the Kardashians have made it impossible to get out of the line of fame. Nonetheless, one can say the Kardashians are most definitely pop culture. Pop culture is defined as “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people” (dictionary 1). Keeping all of this in mind, I intend to explain precisely how the Kardashians are seen as pop culture in todays society. The essay How Celebrities Use Twitter to Build Their Brands by Kathryn Chin and the pop culture The Kardashians have a distinct relationship where what lies in the essay How…show more content…
The show is frequently considered America’s guilty pleasure, because as hard as one could try not to watch it, they show is said to be quite addicting (Brodesser-Anker 2). The Kardashians are known for taking part in ridiculous actions in their television show to keep the viewings up. At a first sight, it may seem as though the show edits and creates additional events in their life, but this is far from the truth. Taking a look into How Celebrities Use Twitter to Build Their Brands, Chin writes “One way is through live tweeting which has become more popular for actors and reality stars to do while their TV shows are being aired. Of course I couldn’t mention shameless celebrity self-promotion, without referencing the Kardashians” (Chin 2). The quote highlights the ideology that celebrities often tweet while one of their television shows are on, and the Kardashians undoubtedly take part in activities like so. The Kardashians tweet during their show, and reminisce about the event that was taking part in that episode and how it was “so funny”, “so emotional” or “so hard to deal with”. The Kardashians do not alter their lives in any way. The family acts the way they do to conform with society, in order to keep the ratings high, and stay

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