Keiser University Nursing Program Applicant Writing Assignment

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Keiser University Nursing Program Applicant Writing Assignment Please identify and describe characteristics of nursing practice as you understand it, that have attracted you to the profession. Describe any work, volunteer or life experiences, which you believe have prepared you for nursing education. What personal qualities do you possess that you believe would enhance your practice of nursing. Do you have any concerns at this time regarding your ability to complete the Nursing Program? If so, Please describe. What will you do to ensure that you are able to successfully complete the Nursing Program? Please state your reasons for desiring entry into the Keiser University Nursing Program. 1.When I think of Nursing, I see it as part of the health care institution providing a venue through which people of social and personal conscious may engage humanity to effect positive,concrete, growth and change. There are many aspects to nursing which define and guide it. For me, I…show more content…
These qualities allow for a safe, effective environment that supports communication, health, healing and quality of life for the patients and the staff. Compassion is both the root and the actualization of the desire to see others do well. Strength is the ability to see people through pain and fear to healing and health. Creativity and curiosity supports willingly meeting challenges and solving problems in new ways appropriate, perhaps only in that moment. Scrupulous integrity ensures all parties are respected and resources managed appropriately. Humor is the ingredient that keeps it all moving, holds the bigger picture, inspires and brings a sense of gratitude for life. Aspiring to these qualities illuminates the lack of them at times. When I hit this kind of wall or low, I turn to the smile and humor to elevate my

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