Keke Palmer Natural Hair Style

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40. Keke Palmer Natural Hairstyle: Thick side plait
Actress, singer-songwriter, television presenter, musician, fashion designer, activist and dancer Keke Palmer looks heavenly with thick textured side plaits. For Keke’s hair style use a flat iron or hot comb to straighten your hair a little and then make a chunky thick plait. You need not worry about frizz or your hair’s natural texture, this adds to the dreamy look you are looking for. If your hair is shorter you can make mini plaits or braids.
41. Gelila Bekele Natural Hairstyle: Spiral curls
Ethiopian humanitarian, model and social activist Gelila Bekele looks beautiful and radiant with long spiral curls. We adore her curls’ healthy shine as well as their rich chocolate brown shade. She
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Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Super-long box braids

Songbird and model Solange Knowles looks stunningly gorgeous showing off her super-long box braids styled as a simple up-do. Box braids are fashionable and classic and they fit all face shapes and styles. And if you have them put in at a salon their price is middle range, but you can also buy the hair and put them in at home yourself. Even if you have them put in at home or at a hair salon, braided extension will take time, but it will be worth it when it is finished. Just remember the 6 week deadline to keep your natural hair healthy.
47. Ciara Natural Hairstyle: Jumbo cornrows
Ciara, the fashion model, recording artist, songwriter, singer, dancer actress and dancer looks awesome with jumbo cornrows and daring pink lips. With her extremely shiny hair and braids that are long enough to reach the middle of her back she makes a common style look glamourous. Use argan and jojoba oil daily to keep the scalp that is exposed oiled and moisturized. Should your edges start to fell the strain from constant styling, massage raw shea butter on the edges often to feed and moisturize the soft fragile hair. This hairstyle will have your hair fully exposed so your make up has to on

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