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40. Keke Palmer Natural Hairstyle: Thick side plait
Actress, singer-songwriter, television presenter, musician, fashion designer, activist and dancer Keke Palmer looks heavenly with thick textured side plaits. For Keke’s hair style use a flat iron or hot comb to straighten your hair a little and then make a chunky thick plait. You need not worry about frizz or your hair’s natural texture, this adds to the dreamy look you are looking for. If your hair is shorter you can make mini plaits or braids.
41. Gelila Bekele Natural Hairstyle: Spiral curls
Ethiopian humanitarian, model and social activist Gelila Bekele looks beautiful and radiant with long spiral curls. We adore her curls’ healthy shine as well as their rich chocolate brown shade. She
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Lupita Nyong’o Natural Hairstyle: Short with headband
Award winning actress Mexican-Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o is outstanding sporting a close-cropped style with a mini bouffant in a gentle headband. She illustrates how short natural hair can be extraordinarily adaptable and stylish. Our favorite thing is the contrast in the texture of her hairstyle, both smooth and wavy, as well as how she uses a simple headband for a sexy hair accessory. Accessorizing your hairstyle can update it, so be on the look out for hair slides, headbands, scarves, flowers and clips that may give your style a little
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Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Piled up Havana twists
As a model and musician Solange Knowles shows off her thick Havana twists in a pile creating a fashionable and awe inspiring up-do. Using Havana hair extensions on your twists, rather than Marley hair extension, will give you much lighter twists that will not be as heavy a weight on your head as Marley hair. Havana extensions are quite expensive in comparison to Marley hair extensions, so it is a difficult choice to decide on when you are on a tight budget. That being said, there is not a lot of variance between the two hairs, that is unless you have sensitive or thinning edges that would benefit from the less dense and lighter choice.
45. Raven Simone Natural Hairstyle: Gorgeous TWA
American entertainer Raven Symone looks gorgeous with her fabulous TWA and little make up. She rocks a thin necklace, a clear glowing complexion and a feathery hair accessory. We love the state of her hair. Testomony to why its is good to go natural every now and again. Natural styles allow your hair the chance to breathe and grow, and there is no added extra damage when you style your hair. This is ideal for well-deserved break while on time off.
46. Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Super-long box

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