Kel Knight: Play Analysis

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1. What aspect (e.g. use of voice, playing actions and intentions, focus and commitment to role) of your own performance do you believe you did well in? Explain

The aspect I believe I did well in was my focus and commitment. By choosing Kath and Kim I knew the play would be a challenge, because the characters were so familiar amongst the audience. Consequently, it impacted my approach to the performance because I knew I needed to significantly increase my focus and commitment to Kel Knight. This meant treating each rehearsal like the performance, working hard on staying in character and gaining an understanding of who that character was. Also, because Kath and Kim has a very funny script and we chose to make ours funny as well, I was required
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As there is a line between intertextuality and coping a storyline. But, if they were to use intertextuality it should’ve come from The Office as that is what they were doing.

3. How could the group have better utilised the stage space and the elements of drama?

The group could’ve better utilised the space by increasing the amount they were using. The group could have also gotten more into costuming by maturing what they were wearing to match the age of their characters.

A really interesting idea would be to allow the audience to see what was happening with the door such as having in the space so that we weren’t all watching a curtain.

The group could’ve tailored their performance to be able to include more elements. This could’ve meant having another space with split staging or splitting the desks and lighting only the people in conversation.

Another element of drama is accents. So the girls should’ve taken the opportunity to utilise this element. Allowing the plot to make better sense as some were just using their own voices that didn’t fit. This may have also assisted to keeping a consistency with
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