Keller Personal Narrative

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I grew up in a small Texan suburb called Keller. I have lived in this area since I was in the fifth grade and, even though I now attend college in Dallas, I still come back to visit often. My family has recently relocated our residence closer to the Fort Worth area, but Keller remains a five-minute drive away and I still consider myself a Keller resident. Growing up, I thought Keller was a small town with nothing to do. The closest movie theater was a 25-minute drive to Southlake, Texas, and there were not many restaurants or other recreational areas. I longed to move to the city; yet, as I grew up and began attending college in Dallas, I began to miss Keller. The time away from my hometown made me realize how much I love the area, how the small-city feel matches my own personality, and how appreciative I was that I got to grow up there. What I realized that I loved most about Keller, is its communal feel. Keller is a relatively small city. When I first moved to Keller, it was a small town having more of a rural-suburban feel than an urban feel. In recent years though, Keller has expanded with many different businesses and shopping centers coming into our city. Nonetheless, Keller has remained communal and homey. Everyone in Keller…show more content…
By graduation, every student knew each other and felt connected as Keller graduates. Due to a small student-to-teacher ratio, we were able to bond with our teachers. Many of our teachers continue to serve as our mentors. Our schools also taught us the important of service to our community, enhancing Keller’s already communal feel. From the age of 14, I participated in enhancement projects at my high school and began volunteering for the City of Keller, feeling further connected to the city. My desire to service my hometown continues to this day, and I continue to volunteer through my city every time I come back during my school
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