Kelley Sue Deconnick's Character Analysis: Penelope Penny Rolle

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Character Analysis: Penelope “Penny” Rolle In comics women have played such roles as damsels in distress, sidekicks, and sex symbols for years with just a small category of powerful women such as Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel. However, in recent years women have been able to push out of the small corner they have been backed into, creating new images, personas, and redefining what it really is to be a woman in comics. In an alternate world where men are in total control and women are pawns who can be sent to an alternate world called Bitch Planet , there is a woman who defies all things a lady of this society should be. Penny Rolle a strong, independent, daring, and fearless woman embodies all of the characteristics one should have when facing oppression, and has all of the qualities needed to fight against it.…show more content…
In fact, that is what her series is about, women who will not accept being marginalized in a world where men dominate. Readers are introduced to Penny in the first issue of Bitch Planet. She is debuted as a plus sized African American woman, and her first words are “Where am I supposed to put my tits” (DeConnick 2014) referring to the prisoner jump suit she was given by a guard. When she was denied a different size suit she continued to voice her disapproval even in the face of threats from guards. To show just how relentless Penny is DeConnick shows Penny being assaulted by a guard, but she fights backs! Something one would never
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