Kellogg's Internal And External Environments

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Kellogg is a company with great control over its internal and external environment. The following table shows the of Kellogg’s environment.
Internal environment
The internal environment in Kellogg’s consists of the information systems, organizational structure, the management styles, the various brands and how their life cycles are managed and the behavior of the individuals. Kellogg has a 22 person Senior Management Team, 46 next level key members. This is a company which has senior organizational leaders who are given a high level of autonomy in their domain with respect to managing their team, planning on vacancies, developing employees and carrying out performance appraisal. Kellogg uses a form of 360 degree performance appraisal where workers are rated by supervisors, employees document self – input on performance and comparative peer group review meetings are organized. 98 percent of employees are paid based on their performance appraisal. The company communicates core values, mission statement implications and visions to the employees through departmental objectives, job prescriptions and orientation packs.
Kellogg is famous for its values called the ‘K values’ which shape the culture and guides the way to run their business. In 2005 the company started the W.K. Kellogg values Award, which is an annual award to the team of employees or individual who best exhibits the K values in their work. These values include:
Integrity: Portraying respect, devotion,

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