Kellogg's Special K Snack Bars Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…Referring to the Kellogg’s Special K website “Special K® believes that every woman deserves to feel more beautiful, more often. We 're here for you every step of the way with delicious foods, free personalized solutions and positive inspiration to help you achieve your goals.” (Special K, 2014). Kellogg’s Special K Snack bars is better choice for women who seek losing weight and eat healthy snacks because, referring to the labeling of the product (Figure 2) shows that total fat in each bar is just 90 calories that is better than many other Kellogg’s competitors who sells dietary snack bars that contains more than 90 calories in each bars. The income segmentation is for women with average income of high to medium level. The segmentation of Kellogg’s Special K is international, as their products are sold all over the world in 18 different countries. The company must have the right size and growth of the selected target market, and it must keep it segments attractive all the time. Kellogg’s special K has many competitors such as Atkins, Quaker, Nestle, etc. However, it is differentiated from them for having low calorie snack bars that will attract more customers to buy their product. In conclusion, Kellogg’s targeting women for the Special K product and focusing on selling healthier snack bars makes their product more attractive than its…show more content…
Thus Kellogg’s Special K is perfect choice for people who seek easy ways to lose weight or enjoy a nice low calorie snack because it contains less calories than any other brands, and they will also be loyal to the company to get the rewards and benefits of being one. While most of the other competitors provide healthy bars but contains more than 90 calories and they don’t have a strong customer relationship management (CRM) like Kellogg’s which is trying to build and maintain profitable customer relationship with the family reward online system. They use a communicable difference strategy with their customer as it’s clearly and visibly written in their package “90 Calories per bar” and the Kellogg’s family reward with the website in the front cover of the package, can be seen in (figure 5 ). The difference is not pre-emptive because other competitors can easily do the strategy that Kellogg’s Special K is doing. Moreover, Kellogg’s Special K is considered affordable; as one box will only cost RM 12.90 (Figure 4 ). Furthermore, the company might also use the difference profitability because the number of customers is going to increase due to the fact that the company is selling healthier options of snack bars and using a unique customer relationship

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