Kellogg's Supply Chain Analysis

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Supply chain for Kellogg’s – cereal (Corn Flaks )
The companies in the industry of food processing are the process to provide the foods to the customers , cereal are made ready to serve cereal and packaged cereal such as farinas and oatmeal that is must cook before eaten , The companies provided the products that are ready to eat , just put milk or water with this cereal and eaten , its include corn flakes that is the most popular breakfast , mixed grains , wheat and oats ,It’s also included hot cereal , rolled oats and infant cereal . Major companies in this industry include such as Kellogg’s company

Kellogg is the world leading producer of cereal and convenience foods , its including toaster pastries , crackers , cookies , fruit flavored
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Kellogg business is divided into two divisions : Kellogg international and Kellogg North America , Kellogg international is divided into businesses in Latin America , Europe , Australia and Asia . In 1999 Kellogg expands their innovate and operations by acquiring the vegetarian based food group Worthington food , and in 2000 the organic based foods group kasha company . In 2001 Kellogg acquired snack leader Keebler Foods company , the relationship between Kellogg and Disney was formed in 2002 to include several new snack and cereal food products in the market . The Kellogg company products of cereal are the best known in the world but there is also competitors such as : Nestle , Unilever , Mondelez International and ConAgra foods . Most of the companies have operation of supply chain management same as Kellogg company . A supply…show more content…
These principles have mainly been applied in high volume flow shop environments where orders move through the production system in one direction in a limited number of identifiable routing sequences” ,lean production also seeks to minimize inefficiency and waste overheads rent , costs arising from the general running of a business and rates , the brand is not strong enough in the face of competition , there are also problems in many different aspects of their operations like : the location of the Kellogg , that Kellogg must be near to customers and distribution channels so products can reach shelves quickly , also there is problems in size and scale of factors that must be large with adequate equipment , they also need to accommodate the frequent delivery of incoming materials and outgoing finished goods , Kellogg can improve their environmental performance by reducing : use of water during production , levels of packaging to consumers , impact of transportation , energy use during productions and waste to landfill

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