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Pop’s “Some Kind of Miracle”

Have you ever wanted to attain a personal standard so bad that nothing could stop you from obtaining it? Well, that reigns true for Kelly Clarkson. All she wanted was to be a singer, and for her music to be known by others. She had to overcome many obstacles just to make it to Hollywood. However, when she was there, nobody seemed to believe in her or her musical talents. She did not let that slow her down though, and now she is known worldwide as one of the best pop singers out there, with three Grammys under her wing to prove it. Kelly Clarkson has the strength to overcome many obstacles that stand in her way, gain great success, and inspire people of all ages. Kelly Clarkson has had many struggles throughout her journey to the top. When Kelly was just six years old, her parents divorced (Tieck 2). The divorce caused a major split in her family; her brother went to live with their father, Kelly stayed with their mother, and her sister, who did not play very well with their mom, went to live with their
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Even after all of the success of her album, Thankful, and a Grammy nomination, critics continued to be skeptical of her talents (Tracy 20). “More disturbing for Clarkson was that when it was time to start working on the next album, Breakaway, her record label and producer didn’t seem to have confidence in her, either” (Tracy 20). After she had finally scored great praise in the music industry, she suddenly found herself in an ugly controversy, receiving harsh criticisms from one of the “American Idol” judges, Simon Cowell, who claimed that Kelly had denied a request from the producers to use a few of her songs in the show’s new season (Tracy 24). Cowell said, “If she refuses to give songs to be used on the show, it 's like saying to every person who voted for you, ´You know what? Thank you. I´m not interested in you anymore” (Tracy
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