Kemalism And The Collapse Of The Ottoman Empire

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The history of Kemalism starts with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Then the movement of Young Turks established and had their power. When 1908 revolution has started, the Young Turks had taken power into their hands. The idea of them was to re-establish all Empire. All loses after the First Wolrd War showed that the Ottoman Empire will collapse. After the armistice the winning armies occupied lots of empire and the administrative apparatus was not controlling enough. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire the position of the state’s bureaucracy, that is a ruling class, was becoming an „old“view. A lot of conditions of decline of Empire, empowered the bureaucracy and its spokesman Mustafa Kemal to get the leadership of the alliance. Also, Mustafa Kemal was the highest officer ranked in Anatolia.…show more content…
At first, all bourgeoisie was weak and without power, however, working class was at very first stage of development. None of wealthy classes may act as uniting force and deal crisis of social formation by providing the leadership. Especially working classes. All this situation was very thankful for „Kemalist bureaucracy “become obvious. It played a untying and harmonizing role in the formation of ruling class. During that time, there was military conflict. It was quite important factor for the bureaucracy to play the main role within this league. The bureaucracy had to establish its leadership in this

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