Kemmons Wilson's Holiday Inn

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Everyone in their life at one point has stayed at a Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn was founded by an American innovater named Kemmons Wilson. Kemmons Wilson was a huge trailblazer for the hotel industry. He is a very accomplished man and a huge pioneer for hotel and motels. This was a huge breakthrough because now a days hotels are so popular and without Kemmons Wilson who knows how our society would view hotels and motels. He completely transformed the stigma around hotels and made it into a luxury. Kemmons Wilson was born January 5, 1913 in Osceola, Arkansas. Unfortunately his father, who was in the insurance business, passed away shortly after Kemmons was born. After the death of her husband, Ruby Wilson, decided to go back to her roots and…show more content…
He saw how much his mother suffered for him and he knew that he wanted to take care of a family to his best ability. Not only with love, but also instilling in his children what his mother instilled in him. He credited his success to his mother because she taught him hard work, dedication, and the value of a dollar. During one of his business ventures, Kemmons met Dorthy Lee and they married in 1941. Kemmons Wilson was a huge family man, and the couple ended up having five children. According to, the inspiration for the Holiday Inn hotel chain came from a family vacation their family took. Their trip from Memphis to Washington D.C. was very uncomfortable and in the discomfort Kemmons Wilson decided that there needed to be a place to stay that was not only comfortable but also had a home feel at the same time. During the trip he also listed a few different accommodations that he wanted his hotels to have. The first Holiday Inn was built in 1952 and a short year later Kemmons already had three other locations open throughout…show more content…
He set the bar for many other hotel innovators. Not only was he in the hotel business but he also owned a few other companies that helped move the Holiday Inn into a hotel powerhouse. His other companies produced products that the hotel needed. This way he could control almost every aspect of his business. He also made many investments into other businesses that positively benefitted his. Whether it was accumulating points for the Holiday Inn through purchases or the company referring their customers to the Holiday Inn. All of these different aspects accumulated into the powerhouse that is the Holiday Inn. Kemmons Wilson was a down-to-earth businessman who knew that with a little hard work a lot of things could happen. His life is a rags to riches story about a man who had a vision and did everything he could to be
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