Kemple And Mr. Winthrop's Assembly Line And Homecoming

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Comparing and Contrasting “Assembly Line” and “Homecoming” The stories “Assembly Line” and “Homecoming” both shows the influences of money and shows how money can be an important factor when dealing with certain situations. In the story “Assembly Line”, the two characters Mr. Kemple and Mr. Winthrop is only concentrated on making a profit on every deal that comes by. They would try anything to get a profit, for example, even though Mr. Winthrop came to Republic of Mexico for vacation, while on vacation, his greedy mind saw an opportunity to make a profit when he met the Indian. The mind of the Indian and Mr. Winthrop was drastically different because Winthrop viewed everything in a way to make a profit. He saw the Indian’s basket and immediately saw dollar signs. He didn’t look past the money and notice all the intricate details and the amount of hours and dedication put into one basket. Mr. Kemple also a person who worries about money was met by an offer by Mr. Winthrop for a deal for the Indian’s baskets. Eventually then ended up with one dollar and seventy five cents for every basket. On the other hand, in the story “Homecoming”, the uncle was already wealthy and showcased his wealth by having an extraordinary wedding for his daughter in Dominican Republic. This can be seen in the beginning of the story when the guards took the guests’ bracelets and wedding rings and put them in an armored truck for safekeeping so the guests can bathe in a river whose bottom had been

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