Homecoming Compare And Contrast

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Comparing and Contrasting “Assembly Line” and “Homecoming” The stories “Assembly Line” and “Homecoming” both shows the influences of money and shows how money can be an important factor when dealing with certain situations. In the story “Assembly Line”, the two characters Mr. Kemple and Mr. Winthrop is only concentrated on making a profit on every deal that comes by. They would try anything to get a profit, for example, even though Mr. Winthrop came to Republic of Mexico for vacation, while on vacation, his greedy mind saw an opportunity to make a profit when he met the Indian. The mind of the Indian and Mr. Winthrop was drastically different because Winthrop viewed everything in a way to make a profit. He saw the Indian’s basket and immediately…show more content…
That large amount for each basket angered and frustrated Mr. Winthrop. Wanting to get the profit, he tries to sweet talk and said “But now, see here, my good man, you can’t do this to me. I’m your friend and I want to help you get on your feet.” He is trying to show the Indian that he is trying to help him, but in fact he only cares about the profit waiting for him. The reason Mr. Winthrop lost the chance of a payload is because to the Indian making the basket was a hobby and he truly enjoyed taking the time and effort for each basket. He told Mr. Winthrop that each basket had a piece of his soul and if he were to make them in great numbers, there would no longer be his soul in each. The two stories would have changed dramatically if the role of high and low class among the characters were switched or equal with the low class. For example, if the Indian was a wealthy, powerful business man, Mr. Winthrop would have dealt with him with respect similar to the respect among him and Mr. Kemple. Also if the Uncle from “Homecoming” wasn’t wealthy and had similar wealth to the workmen and maids, they would have been eating inside the country house among the families and friends of the uncle. This shows the power of money, and how it affects a certain
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