Ken Kaneki's Character Analysis: Tokyo Ghoul

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I’d like to be the character Ken Kaneki from the anime Tokyo Ghoul. He goes through many trials that make him go against his normal morals. These trails are heartbreaking and forces him to live a completely new life. This new life that is given to him forces him to do things that aren’t accepted in the normal world, hence making him live life in a dark, scary way. This eventually makes him decide to stay the same or change how he thinks about life. He does change about he thinks later on in the story, but both of his personality, new and old, both have things that I want. Kaneki starts off as a scrawny young man at the age of 18. His hair is black or white depending on what time you’re at throughout the series and also has black eyes. He weighed at 55 kg at the beginning and towards the end he was 58 kg. His height was…show more content…
He 's always there for any of his friends and there had been times where he just met someone and tries to help him as much as possible which is insane in some of the situations he gets into. I would also be able to look at the world in a different kind of perspective as I do now and I would like that. I 'm not able to be compassionate about what I believe in because I don 't have faith that I 'm correct in many situations when I think someone is wrong. Kaneki always stands up for what he thinks is right. He would get into arguments and fights with people in other to get his message to the other person. Kaneki ' s mindset is from another world. It 's quite crazy when you think about it. He was basically put into another world and still is able to be "innocent". He still did Nothing wrong, was always optimistic and had faith everything would be fine. I would like this so that I would never do anything wrong, so I would never get in a situation where I could get in trouble . I sometimes also get sad or even depressed, so it would be easier to look on the brighter side of things. Kaneki had many things that
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