Ken Mcglothlin Philosophy Of Coaching Summary

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In this article “ Philosophy of coaching” by Ken McGlothlin he goes in brief details about how to be a good coach , how to implement a good coaching philosophy that could help you win , and the preparation it takes to be a good coach. Coaching is more than just telling players what to do , it's a difficult task that takes effort, time, and patience. Kern McGlothin states that “Coaches, today, must be good teachers and must motivate their players to compete day by day on the court.” coaching is more than just having a philosophy, it's being able to teach and having an open mind about ideas .
To be a good coach you must excel in your philosophy and must show diligence in your work area. Kern McGlothin states that “ Educators often say that the best teachers are found in the coaching profession because they understand the learning process.” Coaching is a learning process that takes effort and to be good at it you must cared deeply about people , you must have high personal standards and ambitions for your players , and you must high level of
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Coaching philosophy is something that you derived from your experience as a player , or observer of the game. Kern Mcglothin describes a philosophy as “road map to success” that will continually grow as you understand the game and the players. Coaching philosophy is a breakdown of what offense and defense you think your players will best fit. Balancing your team to the best fit is a very important offense philosophy. Let the best shooters take the most shots, the best ball handler has the ball most of the time to make plans, and have the best rebounder in a position where he can rebound the basketball , by doing this you're putting player in their best position to help the team. Coaches should always have time to make preparation for their philosophy, and their methods of
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