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I Kendra Beattie nominate four courageous, brilliant, brave, and prided Canadians as “Greatest Canadians” in each time period of World War I and 1920 's period, 1930 's and 1940 's period, 1950 's and 1960 's period, 1970 's to present period.
My first nominee is; Billy bishop. Bishop was born in Owen Sound, Ontario. He was the second of three children born to William A. and Margaret Bishop. Billy himself was a Canadian First World War flying ace. He was a top ace with a number of 72 victories. He started his career as a calvery officer and later transferred to the Royal Flying Corps. He received his Victoria Cross for a pre-dawn one man raid on a German airfield for which he was credited with three victories. Although he is a Canadian
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My second nominee is; Nellie Mcclung. "She was spirited, she was amazing, she was effective," afew commonly used words to describe Nellie McClung. She was a female activist, One of Nellie 's best influences was her mom. Her family 's influence was not a doubt the reason she became an activist. Her mom thought that every child had the right to an education, and her hole family encouraged her to learn all she could. Nellie spent most of her life as a wife, mother, teacher, lecturer, legislator and writer. Her dream was to become a teacher like her sister named Hannah, teaching was very limited to women… Nellie earned a teaching certificate at the age of sixteen and taught until she got married in 1896. Nellie struggled with her husband as he was a druggy and had to raise five children at the same time. Nellie McClung’s greatest achievements were women’s suffrage movement, temperance movement, and later the Person’s Case with assitance from the “Famous Five. McClung took part in an international movment for women’s sufrage. This suffrage was aimed at allowing women the right to vote because of the one-man-one vote principal. She was shot down many times but she NEVER gave up witch makes her great. this movement continued to become greatly recognized throughout Canada and more people were moving towards it. In 1910 widows in Alberta were granted municipal franchise although this didnt apply to married women. She succeeded with many other things as well she was then…show more content…
My third nominee is; William Mackenzie King. He was an extraordinary man to our province. He endured many ideas, catastrophes, crisis’, and solved problems. He had many great accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses, over all in my opinion he was an extraordinary man and a great Canadian. He attended university and studied hard. He was the tenth prime minister of Canada. During the 21 years that he served as Prime Minister, the longest ever served in history, Mackenzie faced lots of hard decisions. Although Mackenzie had limited fans, he proved himself as an effective leader socially, nationally, and through the very dark times of war. Mackenzie made lots of important allies during the war, and quite possibly prevented Canada from breaking out into a civil war. He would go find prostitutes and persuade them to give in their work and turn to God as he volunteered once a week at the children’s hospital. He was a good man. He knew that our life conditions had to of been improved witch is maybe why he chose a career in politics… “ A task to reform”. And his main goal was national unity, to come together as one. He made many important decisions regards to conscription and war and crisis’. If he hadn’t of made those decisions there’s no idea of knowing where we’d be today and In my opinion he made the right decisions he was a very smart and kind hearted man which makes him a great
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