Kendra Goode Case Study

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“I knew it was you the whole time. The set ups, the lies, were they worth it?” The suspect is Kendra Goode and she is accused of murder and I’m going to prove it. First of all, Kendra poisoned the ice cubes, so that Felix would have no external injuries. Also she has her finger prints on Felix’s cup. My team of investigators took samples of the ice cubes, the pH for tap water is 7(neutral) and for the ice water a 9(base). So that means the ice has been tampered with. We proved that theory by taking more samples from the coke Felix’s was a 9(Just like the ice cubes) and Alfredo’s was a 5 just like the regular coke. For the paint spill and the foot prints, Kendra spilt paint on purpose and borrowed someone else shoes to cover up her tracks. Then she took her towel (initials KG) and sprayed it with Gene’s cologne. After that she used that towel to lead Sasha (Gene’s dog) to the patio to blame Gene. The reason why Sasha would follow her is because Gene’s “scent” was on the towel.…show more content…
Both Kendra and Vera had white powder on their shoes, but who? The lab tested the powder and it turns out Vera had cornstarch on her shoes and Kendra had baking soda. Baking Soda is one of the ingredients for making fake blood. Lastly there was a note, it writes “Martha, The deed is done. Felix is dead, and I’ll be rich soon. Love, Vera. We used the writing samples from each of the suspects and found out Kendra was the one who wrote the letter. She was covering up her tracks and trying to make it look like she didn’t do anything; she was framing her

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