Kendrick Lamar: The History Of Prejudice And Stereotypes

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Throughout history there has always been some form of prejudice or discrimination, and regardless of how far society has advanced the antagonism towards people that are “different” continues. However, in history there has also been those that fought against these prejudices. For example, humanitarians like Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind but overcame her impairment and campaigned for others like her. It is important to note that people like Helen Keller changed history for people with disabilities, so what can society do today to change the history of discrimination? There are many actions people have taken, some more violent then others, but there are those that have chosen to embrace the prejudice and discrimination thrown at them. This is…show more content…
Kendrick Lamar is one such artist, he grew up in Compton, California, a city known for its crime. His father was a member of a street gang, and Kendrick’s family had ties to the famous gang the Bloods. Lamar was raised in a rough neighborhood during the 90s, but he overcame his history and became a successful artist and is using his voice for a greater purpose like reappropriating a racists slur. In the song “I” Kendrick successfully reappropriates the n-word by being a member of a marginalized group, empowering his group, and reconstructing the racist slur. The n-word is a derogatory label that has been used during one of the worst eras in our history, it has been used specifically against African Americans to demean their status as basic human beings. In the article, “The Reappropriation of
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