Kennedy And Fornes Literary Analysis

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Through their plays, Kennedy and Fornes represent a fellow up of identity formation process. Unlike the autobiography, the diary gives a constant record of everyday life. By creating characters that write their diaries on stage, they offer a precise investigation of the social and cultural obstacles that their characters face during their building up their identities. In fact, "the content and form of diaries disclose how we construct knowledge, and by helping us understand how we relate to ourselves, to others and to our culture through the mediation of language"(Bunkers and Huff 2). In fact, Kennedy 's and Fornes ' characters use writing diaries to portray their imaginative world, their fear, hopes and how the cultural and social rules that lead them to eventual destruction. Through writing their diaries, these characters travel through imagination and consequently feel desperate and depressed when facing the ugly reality. H. Abbot argues that" in diary fiction of any psychological pretension, the diarist is usually concerned with greater or less intensity, to see himself through the agency of his diary"(25). However, the dairy does give the diarist the exact image "because of its lying and misrepresentation, becomes the lens through which the artist can catch glimpses of his unpresentable self"(Abbot 27). In Abingdon Square, Fornes portrays the story of a young Marion, who marries the old Justor. Feeling desperate for love, Marion creates in her diary an
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