Kenneth Burke's Unending Conversation

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Writing and reading are necessary periodically. Many people are illiterate, which it closes many doors for them. There are many types of writing, hence there are distinct ways of reading as well. The most proper way of writing and reading are academically. Academic reading and writing are frequent and necessary. One needs to use this type of writing at work and school, it is important to use professional writing. Kenneth Burke’s “Unending Conversation” is a metaphor comparing reading and writing to a conversation. Life is a book where we need to build the future but also investigate the past, such as in the metaphor we need to give our opinion and contribute to situations. Academic reading and writing are equivalent to a conversation in the…show more content…
No matter how much we think we know there will always be new things to learn. It is important to learn new things in order to have valid arguments. Knowledge is the strongest weapon any person could have. An empty mind is not worth anything, thus it is important to have a knowledge mind. Being informed and performing academic reading and writing will take an individual far in life. Before giving our opinion we need to do academic reading to have evidence to support our argument and opinion. Just as in the conversation we need to analyze what the argument was about before actually giving our…show more content…
The most common writing in school are essays or research papers. We need to do our essays with formal English. Always having good arguments, claims, and evidence. In order to compose a good essay it is important to have a good argument and doing many research to have valid and legitimate evidence. Throughout my education, I had to do many essays. The most common was a persuasive essay, taking a side on an issue and defending my opinion. Before doing the academic writing I had to do as much reading and research to have valid arguments and evidence to support them. If we want to pursue an individual we need to be experts in the topic and have confidence. If we do not do many reading we will not project the confidence we should. My writing is similar as Burke’s “Unending Conversation” before talking I had to listen and be prepared to have a strong valid argument in a controversy. Many people have disagreed with my opinion but others have agreed just as in Burke’s metaphor. When it comes to a conversation and academic reading and writing we need to keep in mind that not everyone will have the same opinion as we
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