Kenneth Gangel's Team Leadership In Christian Ministry

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Over the years many non-profit organizations, including ministries have drawn major concern, particularly relating to the study of private organization’s operations (Gudykunst, 2012). In the book, Team Leadership in Christian Ministry, written by Kenneth Gangel, he pointed out that Church organizations are not specifically outlined in the New Testament; however, it was somewhat assumed in Matthew chapter 18. A church organization came about in the early church in response to the needs and problems within the church (Gangel & Gangel, 1997). By this making this concept a more contemporary subject in understanding and learning in the public sector of organizations. As such, a range of arguments, and various definitions of the concept of a Christian group exist and can be evaluated through various systems in the…show more content…
May, located in Ellenwood, Georgia. It is in a community that is made up of predominantly African Americans; therefore, their church represents the community that it surrounded by and Sylvester Baptist Church is made up of a mainly African American membership, of about four hundred and fifty members. 1 Peter 3:15 says, Christians, we are called to “be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have.” For that reason, Sylvester Baptist Church’s ministry focus is building the community through outreach and servant evangelism. Servant evangelism is defined by Steve Sjogren as evangelism that involves intentionally sharing Christ by modeling biblical servanthood, through the small acts of kindness. It is the simplest, most transferable, and yes, most fun approach for moving believers closer to a biblical lifestyle marked by consistent witnessing (Sjogren, 2014). This is a great foundation for any church because when Christians are serving the communities through servanthood evangelism and outreach, the result of the witnessing is evident in society

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