Kenneth Parks Biography Essay

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Kenneth Parks, a 23 year old Canadian man, had a very strange awaking in an early May morning. Parks had fallen asleep on the couch. That night, he got up from the couch and drove to his in-laws house. He then proceeded to stab his Mother-in-law with a kitchen knife, choke his Father-in-law unconscious, then begun to stab him to death. When that had been done, he drove straight to the police station, walked up to the front desk and stated, “My God, I’ve just killed two people. My hands.” Kenneth Parks had committed murder, all while sleepwalking. (Randall and Broden) Quite a strange story, that one. Dreaming is such an amazing thing that we don’t even have to think about doing. I believe that Kenneth Parks is an innocent man. Before I prove this, I’ll need to teach…show more content…
So, for the sakes of this paper, I’ll just refer to it as EEG. An EEG is a test you can take that is used to test Electrical Activity in the brain’s cells. They can communicate by electrical pulses. An EEG can measure and record brain waves. So how in the world does this relate to the Kenneth Parks case? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Your electroencephalography measures the communication between brain cells, right? Well Parks’ EEG showed that his brain cells were communicating at such a high rate that it was considered to be abnormal. Such a high EEG is almost impossible to be reached during wakefulness. That means that either he is struggling with extreme Parasomnia (bed wetting, sleep walking, sleep talking, etc.), or he has struggled with alcoholism. And since he had just lost his job, due to embezzling money, he could’ve been struggling with some severe stress. And everyone should know that one of the most common ways people deal with tremendous amounts of stress is by drinking alcohol. So him sleepwalking is a very possible explanation to this trial. His EEG graph shows that sleepwalking was a very good
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