Kenneth Waltz International Relations

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Introduction The study of international relation is very subjective. In this assignment, it will discussed about one of the eminent thinker in the theatre of international relation which is Kenneth Waltz. It will be also covering the background of this scholar, his important ideas, and how does it theories related to the international relation. At the end of this assignment, student can understand more about this scholar.

Early Birds of Kenneth Waltz. Kenneth Neal Waltz was born on June 8, 1924, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. He also raised there by his parents and both of them were not the people of great political interest or
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Unlike an ideology, a theory of international relations is backed up with a concrete evidence. The most common way ideology is defined is as “a fairly coherent and comprehensive set of ideas that explain and evaluates social conditions, helps people understand their place in society, and provides a program for social and political action” (Ball and Dagger, 1995) . The two major theories of international relations are realism and liberalism. Most theories of international relations are based on the idea that states always act in according to their own national interest. “State interests including the self-preservation, military security, economic prosperity, and influence over other states. Sometimes two or more states have the same national interest. For example, two states might both want to foster peace and economic trade. And states with opposing national interests might try to resolve their differences through negotiation or even war” (Spark Notes, 2014) . According to realism, states works only to increase their own power. The world is a harsh and dangerous place. The only certainty in the world is power. A powerful state will always be able to control and outdo the weaker competitors. The most important form of power is military power. The states’ main interest is self-preservation. The states must seek for power to protect their country. There is no…show more content…
Even some of the particular theory consider to be wrong, but let us see the ways it was developed in varies stimulates ideas, warnings and method that help everyone. For these main reasons, the time is ripe for another reconsideration of major aspects of work of Kenneth Waltz. I will outline the claim that he is one of our truly indispensable theorists which are scholar, theory, and theorist. First as a scholar, Waltz has an outstanding reputation in this field. Everyone are familiar with Kenneth Waltz’s famous books’(Robert Jervis); ‘Kenneth N.Waltz is the pre-eminent theorist of his generation’ (Robert O. Keohane); ‘Kenneth Waltz is most important international relation theorist of the past half of century’ (John J. Mearsheimer); ‘Kenneth Waltz is the pre-eminent international theoristof the post-World War II era’ (Stephen M. Walt) . The chapter in Man, the state and War (1959) and Theory of International Politics (1979). Hidemi Sunagami’s chapter discusses some of the link between them. In particular, there is some discussion of his work on democracy and foreign
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