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Kennewick man: Should He Be Repatriated? Lately, there has been a talk about what scientists should do with a skeleton entitled Kennewick man. On July 28th, 1996, history was made. College students were watching a hydroplane race near Kennewick, on the Columbia river. A couple college students looked at the river and saw something white in the water, that was not a hydroplane. The students walked closer and closer and discovered a skeleton. Thinking it might be a part of a murder, they called the police.This issue is important because, in the tenth section of the Washington state constitution, the section states “Justice shall be administered openly and without unnecessary delay.” (Section 10, Washington state constitution). Kennewick man should not be repatriated because we would be able to learn much more about the time period where this skeleton was once a man and because of section four in the Washington state constitution.…show more content…
For example, in the article “Kennewick man James C. Chatters wrote“If the corps persist its refusal to allow additional studies and decides on immediate repatriation, experts will lose the chance to directly study this rare phenomenon.” (5). This is crucial evidence because this directly shows that we would be able to learn much more about Kennewick man culture if we were able to study him. Also, we should have Kennewick man for study because of the article “Kennewick man by James Chatters quotes “We do not know if he is truly anyone ancestor”. (5). This matters because this is showing that we don 't even know if Kennewick man is even

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