Kent Haruf's Essay: Blind Writing

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1) In Kent Haruf’s “To See Your Story Clearly, Start Pulling the Wool Over Your Own Eyes he speaks about his writing process and how he uses blind writing. If I started to blind write it would most definitely add to the amount of editing that I would have to do to complete the essay or paper that was being written. Although with the use of blind writing I would be able to get my ideas down onto the paper before I forgot it due to fixing a mistake that I found by looking back into the previously written sentences. Haruf also writes in length about his surrounding when he writes. He always writes in the same place with the same items around him. Using this practice might heighten my focus on what I am writing because of the minimal amount of distractions that would be in my surroundings. 2) In Carl Hiaasen’s “Real Life, That Bizarre and Brazen Plagiarist” Hiaasen uses the real…show more content…
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as Needed.” Using Sontag’s very simply stated process would improve my work greatly instead of just not editing. Editing has the capability of making works more eloquent, more understandable and even more enjoyable. Through editing the writer is also allowed to fix their sentence structures so they make more sense. Without editing no writing would be simply good enough. 5) In Rick Brass’ “To Engage the World More Fully, Follow A Dog” Brass Speaks of his relationship with his hunting dog, Colter and how he never intended to write two whole books him. While some may take this advice literally and follow their dog I believe the tool here to try things that you don’t know the outcome to. Because he tried to writing about his dog once it lead to two whole books. Brass is trying to inspire new writers to be creative and creativity can help a piece of work be more interesting and attention grabbing. By using this tool when needed my writing would come off as more
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