Kent School-Personal Narrative

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It’s Fall term at the Kent School. I’ve been attending there for about three months, and I have only just recently gotten adjusted to my new life for the next four years. In contrast to my old school, this new place is stressful. After strenuous weeks of tests, quizzes, cross country races, and, of course, sitting through chapel, having that Sunday to relax at the end of the week is a feeling I treasure. On these special days, having not much else to do besides homework, my friends and I like to walk into town and have lunch. We eat at restaurants like KPG, Giffords, The Villager, and Shanghai. To get to these places, we walk on the sidewalks of roads where there’s sparse, yet fast traffic. I’ve never considered these roads a danger to myself, and am unmindful of the cars whizzing by.…show more content…
I’m on my white BMX; I’ve had it since I was only ten years old. Riding it now, it seems too small for my now much larger self. It’s a cold afternoon, and as usual, we were returning from getting a bite to eat. Any last bits of color on the trees are fading away with the fast approaching Winter. I’m feeling anxious since I haven’t started any of my homework yet, and I have a test to study for the next morning. As I pedal, I occasionally swing off onto the road around telephone poles and other obstacles as I chat with my friends. One time when I turn off onto the road, I don’t acknowledge that there’s a car just seconds away from hitting me. As it gets closer, I hear that familiar sound of a car carving its way through the air. I have little time to react. Before I can do anything, the car swerves out onto the opposite lane, dodging the front wheel of my bike by only a couple
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