Kent State Shooting Research Paper

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This paper will be discussing how the Vietnam war and Kent state shooting tie together and how it affected lives afterwards. The Kent State Shooting on May 4, 1970 was a culmination of the anti war movement because Four Kent state students were killed protesting the invasion of Cambodia during the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war was fought between North and South Vietnam. The United States, along with other countries such as the Philippines were on the side of South Vietnam. On March 8th 1965, America entered the Vietnam war. The United States entered the war in an effort to prevent the spread of communist beliefs. On May 30th, 1970, President Richard Nixon declared that the South Vietnamese army, along with American troops were going to invade the country of Cambodia. This was to disrupt North Vietnamese supply lines. The news of the invasion struck people with anger and fear throughout America. This led to protests and riots, including the one at Kent State University, where four young lives were lost. The Kent State shooting occurred on the 4th of May in 1970. There was a previous rally three days prior, and coming to a close, they decided to plan the next for the 4th. It was to be held at noon and once advisors had caught news they made it clear that this was to be prohibited. The students, adamant about this …show more content…

As a result all of Kent State’s communications broke down.The shootings caused massive protests, both violent and nonviolent. The protests caused 450 other campuses around the nation to close down. One specific group of protesters at New York University hung a banner outside of a school window that said “They Can’t Kill Us All”. On May 8th at the University of Mexico, eleven people were bayoneted after trying to confront protesters at the school. The entire nation was enraged and the protests became frequent throughout campuses in the

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