Kenya Nutt Critical Analysis

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These two articles present the lives of two culturally diverse and humans yet same in a way. THe differences of nobel peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai and Founder/Executive Director of war child in North America Samantha Nutt are showcased in these articles.

The first of these similarities being that they are both avid selfless human rights fighters as well as being strong and independent women. Another similarity would be that they both empower people in areas of conflict such as Mala empowering Pakistani girls and Samantha Nutt empowering people in children and families in areas of conflict but they also have received titles and medals for their acts of the betterment of humanity.

Their differences can be called upon just as easily as their similarities can some of which are the places and people they empower. Unlike Samantha Nutt, Malala is unable to go back to her own country and faces death threats on the daily. Not only that, but Mala also wants the betterment of all women and the places she wants to help don 't only stop at her own country, dissimilar to Samantha Nutt. These variances don’t only lie in how they try to promote these ideals but also in the amount of opposition they face. Samantha Nutt faces little if any opposition whilst Malala has been shot and persecuted because of her views. One has also accomplished so much during the time they were alive. Malla only 19 and having a nobel peace prize whilst Samantha 47 only being a member of the Order of Canada
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In conclusion, Malala clearly deserves greater recognition for her acts and had a greater change done than Samantha Nutt and these comparisons and differences show how the facement of oppression towards your views make you all the more
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