Kenyon Clutter Case

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Can a person’s upbringing truly take all of the blame for their actions? What kind of crime does one have to commit in order to be sentenced with the death penalty? Herbert, Bonnie, Nancy, and Kenyon Clutter were brutally murdered by Richard "Dick" Eugene Hickcock and Perry Edward Smith. The two men went into the Clutter home on the evening of September 15, 1959 to rob and murder the Clutter family. Perry Smith and Richard "Dick" Hickock need to be dealt with via the death penalty. No amount of arguing the idea that their upbringing or mental health can change the fact that they murdered an entire family for a total of forty three dollars. The pair deserve to hang for their crimes.
All four members of the Clutter family were killed in cold blood by Richard “Dick”
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Larry Hendricks was a local English teacher who had young Kenyon Clutter in one of his English classes. He was also the director of a play in which Nancy Clutter had a significant role in. Many of the details provided to us concerning the condition of crime scene are directly stated to us by Mr. Hendricks. The two first find Nancy Clutter in her bedroom, and Hendricks tells us that, “ was pretty bad. That wonderful girl - but you would never have known her. She'd been shot in the back of the head with a shotgun held maybe two inches away. She was lying on her side, facing the wall, and the wall was covered with blood... Her hands were tied behind her, and her ankles were roped together with the kind of cord you see on Venetian blinds.” Nancy Clutter was an innocent teenage girl who had been shot execution style in the comfort of her own bed. As if to mock her, the murders had positioned her in her bed with the covers tucked around her. The two then left Nancy’s room and decided to check out the rest of the house, “So we walked to the end of the hall, the last door, in there, on her bed, that's where we found Mrs. Clutter. She'd been tied,
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