Kerori Wynn Atkinson Informative Speech

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Let’s Celebrate! History has been made; July 28th, 1998 is a day in history where, I, Sena Lynn Atkinson was born; sadly, others share the same birthday, but that’s beside the point. To many, the day is not significant, unless you lived during the 1800/1900’s were battles took place left and right, or the invention of the most breathtaking food to ever arrive on a plate, the hamburger; probable wouldn’t at all be significant for anybody. July 28th simply is a day, that’s part of a month, and part of a year. Absolutely history shapes us all, but how does a birthday, birth month, and birth year? For every month, date, and year, a zodiac and Chinese sign are attached; your birthday corresponds with a zodiac sign, and the year corresponds with…show more content…
On July 28th, there is multiple celebrations, Chocolate Milk Day, Talk to Someone in an Elevator Day, Appreciation Day, Worlds Hepatitis Day, Parents Day; I think I will pass on telling my parents that one. Any celebration is special to the people who celebrate it. One celebration that occurred was when, Keri Lynn Atkinson went into labor on July 27th, 1998; shock it was, when the due date was set for two days later. The morning of the 27th, she had a feeling that, her baby girl was on its way. Telling my dad to go to work, and would call when the water broke. Around ten at night, receiving a call and quickly rushing out the door to go pick up the crazy pregnant lady, I mean my mom, to arrive at the hospital about 10:30pm. The warm summer night consisted of bending dad’s wedding, screaming at nurses, and the birth of their first daughter at 7am, July 28th. Parents now have two children, Michael and Sena, boy and girl. The birth of Michael sets the tone for the second labor, after he was born, my mother had fainted, which caused doctors to be uncomfortable with her handling her son. “I was pissed that they took my baby, and I wanted to be with my baby.” The mother hen was not having it, when the second baby came it wasn’t going anywhere. The phrase “mother hen” has always been thrown at me like it’s going out of style, or many would say “Keri’s mini me.” From a young age, bossing around little brother Jarod, was always a favorite. If mom or dad told him to go do his chores, there little miss Sena would be breathing down his neck till they were done. If he got picked on at school, the next day, those kids would back up as soon as he would walk in their
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