Kerri Strug Research Paper

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One wrong move can change everything. One wrong move could mean the difference between getting first place and getting last place. For Kerri, one wrong move, could have meant the first place medal, within the US's grasp, slipping away. It could have meant disaster and disappointment, but she did not let it. Kerri Strug is a retired American gymnast. She was on the World's team three times and the Olympic team twice. Her most memorable accomplishment was when she fought off excruciating pain to win her team the gold medal. Anyone who demonstrates great determination and selflessness should be considered a hero. Kerri embodied this definition in her great act of courage at the 1996 Olympic Games.
Kerri Strug is a true hero because she exhibits
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Kerri demonstrated determination by fighting off excruciating pain to achieve a goal, while, Tracy showed determination by working hard everyday in the most depressing and physically challenging jobs. Kerri showed selflessness by sacrificing her health for the good of her team, while Tracy showed selflessness by putting her patient's health before her own and risking everything to save others. Kerri Strug, world known, has accomplished a lot during her career and has become a role model for many young individuals. However, she is still very similar to my everyday hero Tracy. Tracy did not achieve worldwide fame or role model status, but she still showed determination and selflessness, fitting my definition of a hero. I believe that Tracy and Kerri would be very compatible. Both with such great perseverance, they are always striving for the best. Sharing advice on how to improve and accomplish more could be a subject that you could here, listening to a conversation between the two of them. As different as they're lives may have been, Kerri and Tracy are very similar in the way they
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